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Take comfort in the fact that you have just come across one of few legitimate custom essay writing firms on the Internet. Sure, there are other essay writing firms out there, but there are so few legitimate tax paying academic writing firms that you could count them on one hand.

We have a very large staff of essay writers

This is one of the biggest strengths that our custom essay writing company has. We find our strength in numbers because we rarely come across a custom essay request that we have to turn down. We are able to provide custom essays for some of the most unusual and difficult cases because we have the writers out there to do it. If you are taking a course or qualification, then there is a good chance that at least one of our writers has taken that course too. It also means that we can provide custom essays during busy periods when other companies would not have enough staff to cope.

We do not use templates for our essays

Some custom essay writing companies will use templates to write their custom essays. This is where a pre-prepared plan and structure is given to the writer. It cuts out some of the planning process and it makes writing more measurable and formulaic. It’s a good idea right? Except for the fact that it makes essays from that company easy to spot. If an assessor sees two or more papers that have been template written in a session, then alarm bells are going to start ringing. That is why no essay that comes from our company is going to have been written with a template.

Some of our best writers are published writers

We do not hire essay writers off of the streets. The writers of our essays are highly qualified professionals who are vetted before joining our company. Therefore, we should point out that quite a few of our custom essay writers have been published in the mainstream media. Quite a few published authors have to write custom essays for companies like us in order to make ends meet between their bigger projects. Some of our writers have been published multiple times in academic works too, and it is very exciting for us having our name associated with them.

Get your work done as quickly as you like

Deadlines are a big part of how your custom essays are priced. If you have a short deadline, then expect to pay a lot more than if you have a longer deadline. The longest deadline for our essays is ten days, and you will pay the least for a ten day deadline. It gives our writers a lot longer to work and research, and allows writers a bigger buffer so that they do not have to rush your work.